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Modern, Chic, Luminous Lanterns!

What are we in love with right now? Our new Soji Solar Luminaries. They are the perfect evening garden accessory, powered by the sun to make your evenings bright. Here at NHG, we all have different tastes, from traditional to modern to romantic. So, we brought in styles to fit all of your tastes as well. No matter what your style, you'll find a luminous lantern to fall in love with!

Traditional round lanterns come in red, yellow, blue and more.

For the Mid-Century Modern garden!

Romantic, shimmery, silk lanterns.

Unique, oval lanterns for something a bit off the cuff.

We’re growing our gift shop! Over the next few months, we're expanding and renewing our pottery and gift area. Be sure to stop by the in-store gift section at the back of the store and also the pottery in the greenhouse. We’ve gotten in some fun new terrariums, clothing, décor, and of course, the solar-powered soji lanterns in new shapes and sizes. Our selection will change and grow over time, so check back with us often between now and the holidays.


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  1. This beats the old set of portable string lights I have. Not so portable when you need a electrical outlet and maybe a extension cord.

  2. Definitely! Many of us here have the exact same issue…we want to light up our back yards or patios in a fun way…but don’t have access to an outdoor electrical outlet. This are high quality and long lasting. We have a good inventory on them right now. Stock up before the spring rush!

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