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Spring/Summer Hours Daily 9am-6pm. Winter Hours: Daily 9am-5pm.

Come and visit North Haven Gardens, your destination for all your gardening needs in Dallas. As you step inside, you'll find a comprehensive selection of quality gardening equipment and a diverse plant nursery with a stunning array of indoor plants, outdoor plants, and a variety of fresh vegetables. Our expert garden coaches are dedicated to helping you turn your gardening dreams into reality. Plus, we now have delivery services available in Dallas (within our service area, call for details). Now you can ensure that your gardening essentials are conveniently brought to your doorstep. You can even sign up for a grow card membership to earn points and save on your purchases.

Here at North Haven Gardens, we take pride in offering a curated selection that caters to all levels of expertise. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, our friendly and professional staff is here to help. Visit our nursery in Dallas an experience the difference.

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Don’t let the coming winter stop you from growing delicious edibles. Many crops can be grown and harvested in the winter, and late winter is also the time to plan ahead and get spring edibles started.

Winter Edible Garden Ideas & Tips

In Texas, where winters are relatively mild, gardeners can grow edibles even during the winter. There are three categories of vegetables that work well for winter planting and harvesting.

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1. Tubers, Bulbs & Roots

Tubers, bulbs, and similar roots benefit from being planted in fall through winter when the edible underground part of the plant is protected from cold. For winter harvesting, many root vegetables can be planted as live (often 4”) transplants and grown throughout the winter: turnips, rutabagas & parsnips, radishes, beets, carrots and kohlrabi.
Winter is also an important growing time for some of our most popular flavorings: garlic, onions, leeks and shallots. Plant garlic and shallot bulbs in October and onions and leeks in January, then enjoy your harvest in late spring. Tulip bulbs are a special case however, and you’ll want to take extra care with these.

2. Leafy Vegetables

Growing leafy greens in the winter helps keep you getting those antioxidants, not to mention vitamin C, that help your body fight off winter illnesses. Some leafy greens that can survive a Texas winter include spinach, arugula, chard, kale, bok choy, mustard green onions, and many varieties of lettuce.
There’s no excuse not to have fresh salad greens for the holidays! These can all be planted as early as September and then replanted and harvested throughout the winter.

3. “Cole” Crops

Some of our healthiest vegetables fall into the category of “cole” or cruciferous vegetables and are the backbone of winter gardens in the Dallas area. These include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower.

Seeds Get an Early Start on Winter Gardens

Using live transplants is the fastest way to get your edibles garden growing, but plants can also be started indoors or in a greenhouse early in the season for those who want the start-to-finish satisfaction of observing the full growing season. Finding the right seeds or transplants for your winter vegetable garden is easy at North Haven Gardens, where we always have an excellent selection of both seeds and plants ready for transplanting, and knowledgeable Garden Advisors to answer your gardening questions.

Get Garden Advice from the Ground Up

Novice gardeners often feel overwhelmed when they begin a vegetable garden, update shrub and flower beds, or contemplate a new landscape design. In your private visit, an NHG Garden Advisor will suggest the best plants, placement and installation, and can also help you with maintenance tips and tricks.

A Garden Coach can visit you at your home (within our delivery area), in-store, or via virtual visit. A Garden Coach visit, while not a full design service, will give you the knowledge and confidence to take the next steps to accomplishing your gardening goals.

Get Everything You Need To Start Your Winter Garden

NHG has everything you need to make your winter garden a success. Not only do we have the widest selection of seeds and young plants for transplant, but we offer the expert advice you need to know what, when and how to plant. Drop by our store and see what we have to offer. Plus, we now offer delivery from our garden center throughout the Dallas area (within our service area, please call for details). Plus, if you’re looking for more tips on seasonal planting in Texas, you can always explore our full guide on zone 8 gardening.

Image Credit: Trong Ngyuen, Shutterstock

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