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Desert Sunset Thai Hybrid Caladium

Caladium Varieties for Vibrant Tropical Foliage

The first caladium described, Caladium bicolor, was a comparatively drab green-and-white plant collected in 1773 in western Brazil. Today, 243 years later, there are over 1,000 named cultivars in colors ranging from white to claret, scarlet, pink and purple. Caladium…

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How to Plant and Grow Sedge

In recent years, gardeners have discovered sedges as a tough, evergreen perennial option for many parts of the yard. Based on the appearance of the plant, sedges are often labeled as ornamental grass, but they are actually in their own…

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Spring Blooming Bulbs | North Haven Gardens

Top 10 Questions About Planting Bulbs

When the weather gets cooler, it’s time to plant bulbs that will bloom in your spring garden. Today NHG answers the top 10 most common questions about planting bulbs in Texas. 1. When should I plant spring flowering bulbs? Timing…

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