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Instant Serenity: Japanese Maples


Japanese maples are magnificent small trees to help create your zen garden along with water features, Buddha statues and shaded sitting areas. Japanese maples are slow growing, have many different growth habits, a huge variety of leaf shapes, and spectacular fall color that ranges from golden yellow to fiery red. They perform best as a unique specimen plant in well-amended beds where they will receive no more than 4 hours of morning sun. Plant into existing beds or build new ones amended with expanded shale and lots of acidified compost. Dig your hole twice as wide and just as deep as the root ball. Place into the hole and backfill with existing soil. Water thoroughly and apply a 2”- 3” layer of mulch. Add root stimulator when you plant and monthly thereafter for the first year. Apply Cloud Cover in May to prevent leaf scorch due to our warm summer temperatures. Smaller varieties of Japanese maples also work well in containers. We have a fresh, new selection of pottery in stock now.

Take a look at our Japanese Maple List here. Visit the store to see what varieties are in stock now. More arriving through spring.


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