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It’s Not Too Late for Your Lawn!

Yes, this past summer's heat was brutal on our lawns. But that doesn't mean we can't nurse them back to health! Simple things like properly mowing, fertilizing and watering through winter will help heal stressed turf and their roots. One of our favorite organic products to use is Hu-Max Turf Soil Builder.

If your lawn is showing a lot of thatch or brown out, now is the perfect time to repair it! Hu-Max Turf Soil Builder adds organic matter, encourages microbial activity in the soil, and encourages root growth to get your lawn back on track. Gently rake out any thatch or dead grass and apply a thin layer over damaged areas. Overseeding your lawn for the winter? Hu-Max Turf is an excellent topper that will help establish healthy grass and keep the birds from feasting on the seeds.

In-stock now! Need more help rehabbing your summer stressed landscape including trees, shrubs and perennials, we're here 7 days a week to answer all your toughest questions.


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