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Masdevallia Orchids: Alien Blooms!


Looking for a cool, unique houseplant for your favorite gardener, or even yourself? Look no further than the alien-like blooms of the Masdevallia Orchids, in stock now!! These wonderful orchids prefer cool homes and offices, bright diffused light and even moisture. They'd make a great gift for a new homeowner, a plant collector, a neighbor or a co-worker.

Care: Drench the plant in the early morning and let it dry out. Water once a week during the winter and twice a week during summer. Humidity is important to sucesfully grow your Masdevallia. You can offer good humidity by setting plants on trays of gravel filled with water. We even have colorful crushed glass you could set in the tray to color coordinate with your blooms. Plant in Hoffman Orchid Mix or Fafard Orchid Mix. Both are in-stock. Feed with Carl Pool Orchid Food.

New to orchids? We'll make sure you are armed with all the best info, tips and products for growing successful indoor blooms!


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