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What Can Our Summer Bulb Collection Do For You?

Love that ‘tropical look’?
If you want a garden that feels like an island oasis, Elephant ears (Alocasia and Colocasia) are the perfect ‘wow’ plant. Big, bold leaves—some towering over your head— are great in the ground with afternoon shade or in a container on your patio. Smaller, dwarf varieties like Alocasia ‘Mojito’ (approx. 3’ tall), give you the large green leaves but then surprise you with purple flecks throughout.

Pictured: Alocasia ‘Mojito’. Image courtesy of Abbott-Ipco.

Want a cutting garden?
There are many summer blooming flowers that are perfect for cutting to enjoy inside, such as Gladiolas (they’re not your grandmother’s flowers anymore)! With names like ‘Mon Amour’, ‘D-Day’ or ‘Frozen Sparks’, these newer cultivars can stand as tall as 60” or as short as 20” and offer vibrant colors like blood red, soft yellow and pink, sun-baked orange or purple. Perfect for sun to part shade gardens.

L to R: Gladiolus ‘Mon Amour’, ‘D-Day’, ‘Frozen Sparks’. Images courtesy of Abbott-Ipco.

Gardening in a small space?
Many of our favorite flowers have been cultivated to work in small spaces or containers. Asiatic Lily ‘Sugar Love’ is the perfect summer-blooming flower that will fill a container with large, soft pink and white flowers and stands only 24” tall. Daylily (Hemerocallis) ‘My Reggae Tiger’ is a super bloomer that has masses of deep orange flowers all summer long. It packs a punch at just 24” in height. Don’t forget about white or pink and white striped Crinum lilies also!

L to R: Hemerocallis ‘My Reggae Tiger’ & ‘Sugar Love’. Images courtesy of Abbott-Ipco

Have a Shade Garden?
NHG receives many varieties of Caladium tubers each year. While they look fragile, they’re really the workhorses of the summer shade garden. They can be planted en masse or mixed in containers or borders with other annuals. Caladiums are very versatile and will last through the summer with proper care.

L to R: Caladium ‘Carolyn Wharton’, ‘Raspberry Moon’, ‘Creamsickle’

Whether you have sun or shade, large in-ground beds or pots on the patio, NHG has many varieties of bulk and packaged bulbs that should be planted in early spring and will provide you with the foliage and flowers for which we all garden.


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