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Fall Flavors for Your Garden

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Fall Fruit & Citrus Is Here!

Clockwise from left: Improved Meyer Lemon (Citrus limon ‘Meyer Improved’), Grapefruit, & Pomegranate
These zesty fruits pack a wonderful flavor and aroma! Now available are Meyer Lemon, Calamondin Dwarf Persian Lime, ‘Ruby Red’ Grapefruit, Pomegranate, & more. Quantities are limited.
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Camellias Bring Color & Charm to Cooler Months

Clockwise from bottom left: Camellia japonica ‘Desire’, Camellia sasanqua ‘Yuletide’, ‘Mine-No-Yuki’, ‘Kanjiro’, Small Leaf Tea (Camellia sinensis) & many more!
These evergreen shrubs are known for their bountiful blooms, & come in a wide array of varieties. Native to Asia, it’s an easy-care plant well-suited to shady spots in the DFW area. Don’t forget about acidified Holly-tone for an organic fertilizer.
Plant some tea in your garden this fall! Whether black, green, or Oolong, classic tea comes from the tender young leaves and shoots of the ‘tea Camellia’, Camellia sinensis.
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Plant NOW: Specialty Bearded Iris

Iris germanica ‘My Friend Jonathan’
Bearded irises combine a sumptuous floral display, structural evergreen foliage and low maintenance in easy-to-plant, easy-to-grow bulbs. Find everything you need to begin growing them in our retail store. Download Your Project List

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Perhaps you want to grow vegetables by seed, or take care of migrating monarch butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Planting seeds now can give you all of this, and more!
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Seeding Wildflowers
NHG’s Rusty E. Allen shares a quick introduction to growing wildflowers, along with helpful maintenance tips.
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