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Forcing Bulbs for the Holidays

Brighten winter days with blooming bulbs indoors by forcing bulbs indoors! They’re fun, easy, and make excellent gifts for friends and family. We have many bulbs in stock that are excellent for forcing including Amaryllis, Hyacinth, Paperwhites, Crocus, and more!

If you want blooms for the holidays, you need to start your forcing soon. By Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you’ll have wonderful flowers ready for gifts and parties.

We have a beautiful selection of festive glass vases. Just add a coarse, gritty material such as expanded shale, river pebbles, or tumbled glass, place your chosen bulb with the roots buried into the growing medium, add water, and voila! You’re done! Easy! Add a bow and a pretty photo card from NHG and you’ve just created a unique, living, green gift in less than 10 minutes.

Be sure to keep it in a bright window away from drafts and vents. They’ll need the sun to bloom. Bulbs may also be forced in a vase sized to hold the bulb upright.

Popular bulbs for vases are Hyacinth, Narcissus, and Amaryllis. Provide enough water in the bottom of the vase or bowl to just wet the basal plate but do not submerge the bulb!

Place bowl indoors in bright, indirect light, away from drafts and heat registers to keep bulbs from becoming too dry, and to prevent the bulbs from becoming too warm too quickly.




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  1. Those glass vases and shallow bowls are a must-have. But these bulbs… they need nothing but water (and sunlight)? I haven’t done this before and I’m so getting excited to try it because your bulbs look really amazing.

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