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Plant Shop & Nursery in Dallas, TX

Current Winter Hours:
Open Daily 9am-5pm

Happy Pollinator Week

Create Pollinator Paradise

Create Pollinator Paradise
NHG’s Rusty E. Allen shares which plants will create a pollinator paradise in your garden. All are available right now.

Join Us This Weekend

Saturday, June 26 10-10:30am, Free.
Garden Advisor Lynette Hoyt helps you out with some easy-to-adopt, organic control methods that are safe for you and your garden, as well as for young children and pets. Includes time for Q&A.
I’ll Be There!
Saturday, June 26 10:30-11am, Free.
Garden Advisor Steven Holliday offers the best tips and products to maximize tomato production. This introductory class covers all the basics & includes time for Q&A.
I’ll Be There!

Summer Planting… Fall Tomatoes!

Summer Planting, Fall Tomatoes
NHG’s Brieux Turner shares must-haves on your tomato growing journey.
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Friendly reminder to redeem GrowCard Reward Points before the season ends! Ready to sign up? Visit us or call 214-363-5316. *New season begins August 1st.
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New Arrivals in the Tropical Greenhouse

Find rare & unique plants from around the world – including assorted hoyas, succulents, African violets & more.

There Are Many Ways to Water

Dramm sprinklers & water wands; Soil Moist water retention granules, Never Dry Plant Pal watering spikes, & misters in the retail store.

Water Plants Are Back In Stock

We currently have a wide assortment of plants adapted to thrive in both regular garden soils & bog, or saturated soil situations – including water lilies, hibiscus, irises & more!
Water Plant Success Guide

Celebrate 70 Years of Growing With Dallas

Limited Edition! NHG’s 70th Anniversary Reusable Canvas Tote Bags   Perfect for every time you visit and shop, these bags celebrate our 70th anniversary. We’re still family-owned and in our original location here in north Dallas. As an added bonus, every time you bring your reusable tote, you can enjoy 10% off any regularly-priced merchandise. Thanks for being a friend and patron of NHG! $16.99 each


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