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Cool Solutions for Warm Weather

What Should We Grow Right Now?

Planting PeppersWarm Season Herbs
NHG’s team shares growing tips for peppers & herbs.
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Delicious & Nutritious

Sweet Potato Slips Are Here

Sweet potatoes pack a wallop of nutrition in their large, dense tuberous roots. Several different varieties are now available! Each slip is 79¢.
Learn Why They Deserve Space In Your Garden

Find Fresh Veggies & Herbs

Explore our selection of okra, squash, cucumbers, and more. We are restocking fresh vegetables & organic herbs weekly.

Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!

Gardening is made easy this Mothers Day with our denim garden aprons, foldable garden stool/tool organizers, & collection of nature-inspired gifts!

Sun-Loving Tropical Blooms

Plant Plumbago for blooms all summer & into early fall. If given full to part sun, this beauty will grow 3′ tall & wide.

Brilliant Color for Shady Gardens

Pictured (L to R): Carex EverColor® ‘Everillo’ & Heuchera Forever® ‘Red’
Brighten shady gardens or mixed containers with perennials like Carex & Heuchera.

Got Part Sun & Part Shade?

Weigela for the Win

Looking for Beneficial Insects?

Refrigerated until they arrive in your garden, these insects can assist in managing many common pests the organic way:  
*Praying mantis for general insect control.
*Tiny Trichogramma wasps for caterpillar control.
*Beneficial nematodes control these & more:
*Steinernema feltiae for thrips and fire ants.
*Heterorhabditis species for fleas & many grubs.
*Triple Blend for fungus gnats, flies, & moths.

*Ladybugs are currently unavailable.

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