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Get Outside the ‘Red’ Box with these Dazzling Poinsettias

Originally published November 2014

Since J. Robert Poinsett introduced the plant to the United States back in 1828, poinsettias have come a long way: through selection, breeding and hybridization we now have a plethora of varieties with all manner of features and benefits. Along with ivy, holly, and our favorite evergreen conifers, they’re the plant icons of the holiday season.

If you’re looking to go beyond the basic red, white, and pink, try these alternatives:

Shimmer Surprise 2

1. ‘Shimmer Surprise’: for those looking for something unique but still with classic coloring, try this beauty. Bold splotches and delicate flecks adorn the red bracts while a soft pink blush graces the white bracts. Festive and elegant!

Glitter 2

2. ‘Red Glitter’: is similar to ‘Shimmer Surprise’, but generally a bit smaller in stature and with a more even coloration and pattern of flecks. It is all red and doesn’t have the white bracts, either. It’s one of our very favorites.

Carousel Dark Red

3. ‘Carousel Dark Red’: A truly elegant, deep claret-red variety with ruffled, undulating bracts and a compact form. It’s a rich, classy alternative to plain red.

Ice Crystals

4. ‘Ice Crystals’: Burnished watermelon-red bracts with a dusty white center. Full, compact and unique.

Visions of Grandeur 4

5. ‘Visions of Grandeur’: Ooh la la!This luxuriously rich, yet soft peach/pink/cream is a true beauty. Tall and robust, this large variety really shows off its unique color.

Da Vinci

6: ‘Da Vinci’: Keeping with the peachy-orange colors, ‘Da Vinci’ turns up the citrusy warmth with knockout color adorned with flecks and striations of melon-pink. Aren’t these gorgeous?

Cinnamon Star 2

7.’Cinnamon Star’: A variable variety that can appear pale salmon to true orange, ‘Cinnamon Star’ has been a favorite of ours for years. If you haven’t had one in your decor before, we highly recommend trying one.

Strawberries N Cream 28. ‘Strawberries & Cream’: The deeply lobed, shapely bracts sport rich hues of strawberry pinkish-purple with ivory-yellow variegation. The leaves are even lobed and splotched with variations of green, too. Lovely!

NHG stocks a wide variety of colors and styles though the season in 2″ up to 14″ pot sizes. The crop this year has been stunning–visit us soon and revel in the quality and selection we have in time for your holiday decorating and gift-giving.

If you’re new to poinsettia care, check out our growing tip sheet.







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