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Climbing Hydrangeas: Romantic, lush and pretty

In stock now! Hydrangeas are so lovely in the shaded garden. They provide showy, elegant flowers in late spring through midsummer above glossy green foliage. The seasons bring golden leaves in autumn, and reveal peeling shaggy bark when dormant in winter. Wouldn’t this be fantastic as a vine for shaded areas? Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris) is a deciduous woody vine that performs well in dappled shade. Although it requires at least two years to establish, the rewards are worth it! It sports glossy, heart-shaped leaves and lacecap flowers that, in maturity, give a the vine tiered effect. It develops a substantial trunk and limbs with age, and climbs by aerial rootlets that attach to flat surfaces. It’s perfect for covering walls, sturdy arbors or screens. Climbing Hydrangea prefers rich, well-drained acid soil conditions, so amend garden beds with plenty of expanded shale and Back to Earth Acidified compost.


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