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Give a Garden in a Stocking

As the mighty oak grew from the tiny acorn, a tiny gift can grow a lifelong love of gardening. Plant that seed this year with these great stocking stuffer gifts at NHG:

Magnet pots

1. Magnet Pot Planters: at just $9.99 and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, these go-anywhere planters are ideal for apartment dwellers, kids or office coworkers. They hold 2" plants–from succulents to tiny orchids–and adorned with colorful moss or lichen, create a miniature garden to bring a touch of nature to any space.


2. Bulbs: from the time of unwrapping to the green tips poking through the soil in early spring and the grand display of blooms, bulbs are a reminder of life returning to the garden after winter. With so many species and colors to choose from, this tiny gift can be customized for anyone on your list.

Seed packets

3. Seeds: in case you haven't heard, January is a prime seeding month (see our seed starting calendar for spring here). Favorites like tomatoes are planted soon, and seeds of unusual and hard-to-find varieties make a great gift. Why? Even for the novice gardener, seeds are a chance to grow your own food from start to finish. They'll be thanking you in summer with goodies shared from a delicious harvest.


4. Tillandsias: NHG brings in a variety of air plant species from common to unusual throughout the year. Ranging from $1.99 to $39.00 each depending on origin and type, air plants are a trendy choice for everyone from gardeners to those who just crave a touch of green in their spaces. Tucked into stockings or worked into the bow on a package, they add easy-care whimsy and interest to your holiday gifts.

NHG Gift Card

5. NHG gift card: do you avoid gift cards because they seem impersonal? Think of it this way: a garden gift card is the compost that preps veggie beds for spring. It's the fabulous new planters that frame the front door. It's that Japanese Maple they've been wanting for years. In short, it's whatever your gardening recipient wishes for in their garden, and it fits in a stocking. What could be better?




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