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Reminder: Apply Organic Mosquito Control Now!


I am often asked why my guests aren’t eaten alive in my garden. I have an easy method of keeping my guests, family, pets and myself comfortable!  Starting the 1st of April I apply monthly applications of Cedarcide Granules to my entire garden.  These little coated granules repel mosquitos, chiggers, fleas, flies and no-see-ums.

Every two weeks I also shake Mosquito Bits in wet areas (birdbath, fountain, french drain, down spouts, moist fern areas, etc) to kill larvae before they are old enough to bite.  Finally, a once-a-week hose-end spray of either citronella or cedar oil repels the last of the little buggers. Now, I get to relax and enjoy my garden without being harassed and annoyed.  Hammock time, here I come!   – By Kato Crow, TCNP


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