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Ready for Fall Roses? Here’s Your To-Do List:

'Olympiad' blooming in late August.
‘Olympiad’ blooming in late August.

Fall is right around the corner! Along with the cooler temperatures, increased rainfall and great crops, we have the flush of rose blossoms that herald the changing season to enjoy. Follow these easy steps now to set the stage for the coming show:

Step 1: Trim Your Roses

First, give them a trim: cutting back by about 1/3 is generally all that’s needed in late summer. While you’re at it, it’s a good time to clean them up. Always remove the ‘Three D’s: Dead, Diseased, or otherwise Damaged wood.


Important! Always use sharp bypass-type pruners that help you make clean cuts. Clean them with a mild bleach solution first, and clean them frequently during pruning–always between each shrub to help prevent spreading disease between plants.

Step 2: Fertilize Your Soil

Once cutback is completed, you can fertilize. Feeding with an organic specialty rose food is the best step you can take to ensure good root growth and a strong bloom show later. Apply NHG Rose Food or Espoma Rose-Tone according to the package directions, and water in thoroughly.

A great extra boost you might add is a seaweed product such as Nature’s Guide Liquid Seaweed. Applied as both an additional liquid nutrient and a foliar feed, it has the added benefit of being a natural repellant of spider mites, which can sometimes cause issues in late summer.

Step 3: Mulch Well


Lastly, mulch well.  Apply at least a two inch layer, making sure the area around the base of the plant is kept open for air circulation.

Looking for more information or a free live demo? Come in to NHG and speak with a Garden Advisor to have your rose questions answered. If you’re concerned about insect damage or symptoms of disease, please bring us a sample sealed in a ziplock bag so that we can better diagnose and help you treat any problems.



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