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Snapdragons to the Rescue

Every year we get Snapdragons in the store. And every year we ooh and ahh over them. This year is no exception! We have 3 sizes of snapdragons, Montego—Small 8”-10”; Liberty—Medium 12”-15”; Rocket—Tall up to 30”-36”. They are blooming now and will continue to be flush with color until first frost. They will then stop blooming, but as soon as the weather begins to warm a touch, sometime in early spring, they'll begin to bloom again and continue to do so until the weather becomes very warm, usually in early summer. Plant in full sun, feed with NHG Organic Bedding food monthly and water 1" a week. Above, I've modeled them along with bright purple Pansy 'Delta Series' for a big, bold feel. 

These beauties are also excellent in pots. Come in and our Garden Advisors would love to give you lots of design tips!  They come in a rainbow of colors. Plus, we have lots of other cool season color to complement any landscape color palette.




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