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Garden Workout

Getting in better physical shape is a typical resolution at the start of the new year. Though we know that it’s important to our health, some of us find the idea of going to the gym uninspiring…

The good news is that you can get lots of exercise by simply stepping out your front door and getting out in the garden, which is a wonderful place for goal-setting projects in general. Come speak to our personal garden trainers with your questions and resolve to get in shape this year.


A perfect warm-up, most of us have an area in our lawns and landscape where the soil needs to be loosened up. Use a shovel, fork, or a designated tool for poking holes and break up the hard-packed spots. Exposure to sunshine provides natural vitamin D and fresh air prompts us to breathe more deeply and get centered.


Digging holes for trees, shrubs, and perennials is a satisfying effort that builds upper body strength. Include some deep knee bends while checking your soil depth. Remember you want your planting hole wider than it is deep. Fall and winter planting means your new plant has more time to get its roots established before our hot summer approaches.


This task can be as much or as little work as you make it. Rooting out nasty invasive vines and shrubs will definitely get your heart rate up. Pulling smaller weeds provides more low-impact repetitions and has a calming, meditative effect on the mind. This one can be done in brief spurts when your time is limited.


Distributing wood particles around your garden, not to mention loading bags in and out of your vehicle, requires multiple core body movements and creates a solid layer of organic material around your garden that protects against weeds and holds in soil moisture.


Blending amendments such as compost, greensand, worm castings, or fertilizers into our heavy clay soil is an excellent calorie burner and sets you up for healthier plants while you’re getting stronger.


No compost pile? Add another resolution to the list and start a compost pile – it’s easier than you think!

Once you have one going, keeping the contents mixed really helps break everything down more quickly.


Enjoy a brisk walk through your neighborhood to get a bit of perspective as well as inspiration and ideas from other landscapes. As a bonus, getting to know your neighbors improves your overall happiness.

Vary your routine with leaf raking, cutting back spent plants, edging, moving pots, or pruning. There is always a wide variety of things to do so you never get bored with the same old treadmill. Each completed task brings a sense of tangible accomplishment.

Whew. Take a break! Grab a drink and spend some time cooling down while visually taking in all that you’ve achieved.

Join us to learn something new this year in one of our many classes and workshops.


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