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Rose Project List

  • Ready Rose Mix—Use 2 bags per plant when starting in unamended soil.
  • Good Natured Organic Root Stimulator—Healthy roots are the key to rose success! Water all new plantings thoroughly with the solution and reapply at least once per month for the first 6 months to one year.
  • Vital Earth Hardwood Mulch—Retains soil moisture, breaks down slowly to provide additional organic matter, suppresses weeds, and gives a finished look. We recommend maintaining a layer at least 2-3” thick at all times. Keep the mulch at least 2” away from the crown or trunk of the plant.
  • Espoma Rose-Tone Fertilizer—Apply in early spring, summer, and fall at minimum after focusing on the root system for the first six months to a year. An all-organic food made specifically for the needs of roses.
  • Liquid Seaweed—An organic extract that strengthens plants for better resistance to temperature fluctuations and disease, which also prevents and deters spider mites. Use as a foliar spray or drench.

Some additional points to remember for success:

  • For plastic containers, thoroughly soak new transplants in Root Stimulator. Remove from the container, and plant. Plants in paper fiber pots should be soaked, then have 2-3” long incisions made on 2-3 sides, with the bottom left intact. Plant to leave the rose sitting at its original soil level or slightly higher, and lastly remove the top rim of the pot.
  • Always water deeply and thoroughly. Healthy plants are the best defense against pests and disease.
  • Be careful to keep rose foliage as dry as possible to minimize fungal problems, removing any diseased foliage promptly. If you do encounter fungal issues, use a fungicide according to package instructions.
  • Pest problems can be treated as needed. See us for a diagnosis, and begin with the least toxic product.
  • Love your roses on Valentine’s Day with hard pruning to prepare for spring blossoms, and for repeat bloomers, again in mid-August. These are good times to fertilize and check overall health, as well.


See a Garden Advisor for additional help in growing successful roses. Visit North Haven Gardens to check out our plant nursery or give us a call at 214‐363‐5316 to discuss additional questions.


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