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Rose List 2024 List 2024

Austin’s English

Cultivar/Variety Name Color Description
Boscobel * Salmon Blooms have a classic rosette form with a rich salmon coloring. Fragrance is a medium strong myrrh
with hints of pear and almond. Petal count 78.
Carding Mill ! Apricot Large blooms in shades of pink, apricot and yellow. Strong, beautiful myrrh fragrance. Repeats well.
Enjoys warmer climates. Petal count 80.
Charlotte ! Yellow Sumptuous soft yellow, cup-shaped blooms with a delicious tea rose fragrance. Excellent repeat
flowering and good disease resistance. Petal count 100.
CL Crown Princess Margareta ! Apricot A vigorous climber, bearing neat, fragrant, apricot-orange rosettes. Perfect for fencelines. Strong,
fruity tea scent. Repeat flowering. Petal count 120.
CL Graham Thomas * ! Yellow Rich yellow cup-shaped blooms with a strong, fresh tea fragrance. Voted the World’s Favorite Rose
by the World Federation of Rose Societies. May be grown as a large shrub or trained as a climber.
Repeat flowering. Petal count 45.
CL Teasing Georgia ! Yellow Beautifully formed golden yellow blooms with a lovely, strong tea fragrance. An easy to grow English
climber for your rose garden. Shows good disease resistance and repeat flowering. Petal count 110.
CL Tess of the d’Ubervilles * ! Crimson Red A compact climber bearing large, deeply cupped, bright crimson-red blooms, with a pleasing old rose
fragrance. Repeat flowering. Petal count 110.
CL The Generous Gardener ! Delicate, cup-shaped, pale pink blooms. Strong old rose, musk and myrrh scent. Repeat flowering.
Petal count 55.
CL The Pilgrim ! Soft Yellow Gorgeous large, cupped soft yellow blooms have a heady myrrh scent. Repeat flowering. Petal count
Crocus Rose * Pale Apricot Very free-flowering rose that bears large clusters of softly fragrant, creamy apricot rosettes. Repeat
flowering. Petal count 110.
Darcey Bussell ! Crimson Deep crimson rosettes with a delightful fruity fragrance. An exceptional variety which flowers freely
and repeats well. Compact, bushy growth. Petal count 70.
Emily Bronte Soft Pink An exceptionally beautiful rose with distinctive blooms that are very neat and rather flat. Each bloom
is a lovely soft pink, with a subtle apricot hue. The strong tea-rose fragrance has delicious hints of
lemon and grapefruit. Repeat flowering. Petal count 106.
Gentle Hermione * ! Soft Pink Perfectly formed, shallow cups of pure light pink blooms that pale to a soft blush color on the outer
petals. There is a strong, warm myrrh fragrance. Repeat flowering. Petal count 90.
Golden Celebration * ! Gold Large golden blooms have a strong tea fragrance with a hint of strawberry. Forms a rounded,
arching shrub or may be used as a climber. Repeat flowering. Petal count 70.
Jubilee Celebration Salmon Pink Large, ruffled, salmon-pink flowers. Delicious fruity scent with hints of lemon and raspberry. Repeat
flowering. Petal count 90.
Lichfield Angel * ! Cream Vigorous rounded shrub with apricot buds that open to reveal creamy white, dome-shaped blooms.
Light, spicy scent. Repeat flowering. Petal count 100.
Mary Rose * ! Pink Pure mid pink blooms with an attractive, loose petalled formation. Delicious old rose, almond and
honey fragrance. Repeat flowering. Petal count 60.
Molineux * ! Yellow Rich yellow, rosette-shaped flowers with a musky, tea rose fragrance. Upright growth habit and
exceptional blooming. Repeat flowering. Winner of three awards. Petal count 120.
Munstead Wood * Crimson Light crimson buds open to reveal large cup-shaped blooms with velvety, deep crimson centers.
Strong old rose fragrance with undertones of blackberry and blueberry. Named after Gertrude Jekyll’s
garden in Surrey. Petal count 74.
Olive Rose Austin ! Pale Pink A lovely soft shade of pink with a strong, pleasing, fruity fragrance. One of the most disease-resistant
varieties of English roses. Petal count 90.
Princess Alexandra of Kent * Pink Flowers are full-petaled and deeply cupped. The center of the bloom is a glowing pink ringed by outer
petals of pale pink. Delicious tea fragrance with hints of lemon and black currant as the blooms age.
Repeat flowering. Petal count 130.
Princess Anne * ! Cerise Pink Large, fragrant clusters, of cerise pink blooms are lightly brushed with yellow on the underside of the
petals. Repeat flowering. Petal count 85.
The Lady Gardener ! Apricot Large, full petalled, rich apricot blooms with a delicious tea fragrance. Repeat flowers quickly. Petal
count 65.
Thomas a Becket Crimson The informal rosette flowers are a striking crimson-red. Held in medium-large sized heads, they nod
attractively on their stems. The Old Rose fragrance has a distinct lemon zest character. Petal count
Vanessa Bell ! Pale Yellow Pink-tinged buds open to medium-sized cups held in large clusters. Pale yellow, paling to white at
the edges; each has a rich yellow eye. The fragrance is similar to green tea with aspects of lemon
and honey.
Repeat flowering. Petal count 60 plus.

* – Patented Variety

! – Own Root Rose


Cultivar/Variety Name Color Description
America Coral Gorgeous, large coral cup-shaped blooms exude a spicy fragrance. Blooms on old and new wood.
Petal count 40-45.
CL Zepherine Drouhin ! Cerise Pink 1868. Bourbon Climber. Thornless climber that blooms a beautiful cerise-pink in spring and fall with a
strong bourbon fragrance. Petal count 15-25.
Cloud 10 * ! White Huge, pure white, fully double, cuplike blooms have an exotic musk scent. This modern climber
shows good disease resistance and will rebloom throughout the season. Blooms on old and new
wood. Petal count 50-60.
Don Juan Red Favored by rosarians and gardeners alike for more than half a century. Dark red, fragrant flowers will
cover this rose once established. Blooms on old and new wood. Petal count 30-35.
Eden ! Pink Starts to climb the second year. Large shell pink flowers with a strong tea fragrance. Blooms on new
and old wood.
Garden Sun ! Apricot This rose is one of the best Climbers due to its disease resistance and winter hardiness. It is a
prolific bloomer and holds up well in the heat, as well as in a vase. Blooms on new and old wood.
Petal count 26-45.
Golden Opportunity * Gold Large blooms are 3.5-4” in diameter and grow in clusters. The deliciously fruity scent attracts
butterflies and other pollinators. Petal count 35-45.
Joseph’s Coat Yellow/Red Colorful blooms of yellow & scarlet. Good repeat bloomer. Blooms on old & new wood. Petal count
Kiss Me Kate Arborose * ! Pink The extremely fragrant, medium, pink blooms sport a classical bud shape. A vigorous climber with
good disease resistance. The long stems provide the perfect blooms for cutting and placing in the
home. Petal count 35-40.
Laguna Arborose * ! Pink This very fragrant climbing rose has notes of fruit and spice. The cerise pink blooms form in clusters
of six to eight per stem. Peatal count 35-40.
New Dawn ! Pink A hardy and vigorous Earth-Kind® Rose cultivar Large, fragrant pale pink flowers that bloom on old
and new wood. An Earth Kind rose. Petal count 35-40.
Pretty in Pink Eden * ! Deep Pink A vigorous climber with deep pink, multi-petaled blooms. Lovely vintage rose scent for the ‘Rose
Sky’s the Limit * Yellow Clusters of buttery-yellow blooms on a free flowering climber, with a light fruity fragrance.
Reblooming even in the first season. Petal count 20-25.
Tangerine Skies Arborose * ! Orange A fragrant repeat bloomer in shades of orange with good disease resistance. Petal count 17-25.

* – Patented Variety

! – Own Root Rose


Cultivar/Variety Name Color Description
Apricot Drift * ! Apricot Double apricot flowers bloom spring through fall. Best for small gardens or along pathways. Petal
count 30-35.
Coral Drift * ! Coral Covered in small, semi-double coral blooms with a compact, rounded growth habit. Petal count 20-25.
Peach Drift * ! Peach Pretty peach blooms on a compact rounded form. Petal count 15-20.
Pink Drift * ! Pink Low-growing shrub with a 3′ spread. Deep pink flowers bloom throughout the season. Petal count 7-8.
Red Drift * ! Red Almost a true red bloom. Excellent used in small gardens or containers. Petal count 15.
White Drift * ! White The newest addition to the ‘Drift’ series of roses. It has beautiful bright white, fully double blooms and
a low spreading growth habit. Petal count 30-35.

* – Patented Variety

! – Own Root Rose


Cultivar/Variety Name Color Description
Adobe Sunrise * ! Salmon A very compact floribunda rose with large, full salmon-orange flowers. A good choice for containers
or smaller gardens. An excellent repeat bloomer. Petal count 50-55.
Angel Face Lavender AARS 1969 Winner. Double ruffled lavender flowers. Strong citrus fragrance. Petal count 25-30.
Belinda’s Dream ! Pink The first floribunda rose to be named a “Texas Superstar” and receive the prestigious Earth-Kind®
Rose designation. Very disease resistant with large fragrant pink double blooms. Petal count 45-50.
Bolero * ! White This compact Romantica® rose has extraordinarily large, cupped creamy white blooms that emit a
strong fragrance of traditional rose mixed with tropical fruit. A wonderful rose for cutting. Petal count
100 plus.
Burst of Joy * Orange/Yellow Vivid blooms of bright orange with a yellow reverse are sure to draw attention to your garden. Petal
count 25-30.
Canyon Road * ! Red A compact growing rose with a unique brick red bloom, sure to add a pop of color to your garden.
Petal count 45-50.
Easy Does It * Apricot/Peach 2010 AARS Winner. Clusters of apricot & honey-peach colored blooms with a fruity scent. The
individual petals have scalloped edges. Petal count 25-30.
Easy Spirit White Perfectly shaped cream colored buds open to reveal a classic white rose. The 3-4 inch blooms have
a mild tea fragrance. Upright growth habit with glossy green foliage. Reblooming. Petal count 30-40.
Ebb Tide * Purple Dusky, deep-purple buds open to very double flowers of velvety plum. Strong clove fragrance.Petal
count 35-40.
Forever Amber * Apricot This new floribunda has frilly apricot blooms with an irresistible fruity scent. Petal count 45-50.
Iceberg ! White Medium clusters of pure white blooms are borne in great profusion on a shrubby plant. Blooms are
scented with a mild honey fragrance. Petal count 20-25.
Julia Child * ! Gold Butter gold blooms with a licorice candy fragrance on a repeat blooming rose. Petal count 30-35.
Livin’ Easy * Apricot Loads of bright and bold orange, semi-double 3 1/2″ blooms that have a spicy clove scent are borne
on a repeat blooming plant. Petal count 25-30.
Queen of Elegance * Pink Ovoid buds open to reveal medium pink, cupped blooms that beckon you to draw near and
appreciate her ‘old time’ rose fragrance. Petal Count 40.
Rosie The Riviter Orange Blend Unusual flowers of orange-gold suffused with pink have a moderately fruity scent with spicy
undertones. Petal count 30-45.
Scentimental * Red and White The red and white swirl of colors is unique on each spicy scented bloom. Petal count 25-30.
Silver Lining Silver Lavender Silvery, lavender buds appear in clusters and spiral open to reveal a full, classic form that is sure to
please. Petal count 35-50.
Sweet Madame Blue Lavender/Purple SClusters of lovely, lavender blooms with magenta centers that have a sweet and spicy fragrance.
Petal count 50-60.

* – Patented Variety

! – Own Root Rose


Cultivar/Variety Name Color Description
Anna’s Promise * Gold/Pink ‘Downton Abbey’ Collection. A beautiful grandiflora rose having an unusual gold tone with a copper
reverse and a moderate fruity fragrance. Petal count 30-35.
Pop Art * Pink/Yellow Old-fashioned, cuppy and very double 4-4.5 inch blooms are pastel pink with yellow stripes. Lovely
old fashioned fruity scent. Petal count 60 – 75.
Queen Elizabeth Pink A true beauty of a rose by American standards, with it’s clear pink blooms and stately growth habit.
‘Queen Elizabeth’ was the first rose introduced into the Grandiflora class. Petal count 30-35.
Rock and Roll * Red/White Petals splashed with burgundy, red, and ivory. Strongly fragrant.
State of Grace Apricot/Pink Old fashioned, double spiraled blooms are a blend of golden apricot with a pink reverse. Compact
growth habit. Petal count 40 plus.
Strike It Rich * Gold/Orange Golden yellow blend with orange-splashed tips and a spicy fragrance. Petal count 30.
Twilight Zone * Purple Large, deep-velvety purple blooms with a strong clove and lemon scent. Petal count 40 plus.

* – Patented Variety

! – Own Root Rose

Hybrid Tea

Cultivar/Variety Name Color Description
Apricot Candy * ! Apricot Well-formed blooms with slightly ruffled petals. Petal count 25.
Brandy Apricot Large classically formed flowers of rich apricot with a mild tea fragrance. Petal count 30-35.
Chantilly Cream * Soft Yellow Beautiful classic hybrid tea form with cream-colored blooms that are washed in soft yellow. The
wonderful citrus rose fragrance makes this a great rose for cutting. Petal count 50 – 145.
Chrysler Imperial Crimson High-centered, velvety red color, strongly scented and a great repeat bloom make for a pictureperfect rose. AARS 1953 Winner. Petal count 45-50.
Dee-Lish Deep Pink The old fashioned, deep pink, multi-petaled blooms have a strong fragrance of verbena and citrus.
Winner of the prestigious ADR contest in Germany and a 2016 AGRS Fragrance Award Winner.
Petal count 35-40.
Double Delight White/Crimson Popular rose with creamy-white buds that blush to red when open & have a spicy fragrance. Petal
count 30-35.
Earth Angel Parfuma * ! Pink/Cream Incredibly beautiful, peony-shaped blooms with a cream exterior and a warm pink center, have a
pleasant apple scent. Petal count 85-90.
Enchanted Peace * ! Yellow/Orange/Pink/Blue A compact, disease resistant, bi-colored Hybrid Tea Rose with great fragrance. Does well in
containers. Its bloom color contrasts beautifully against dark green, glossy foliage. Petal count 35-38
Firefighter Dark Red Dusky, red velvet blooms are the epitome of the classic red rose. Intense old rose fragrance. Petal
count 40-45.
Fragrant Cloud Coral Lovely spicy rose fragrance. Blooms are large and a rich coral color. Petal count 25-30.
Francis Meilland * Pink Very large shell pink blooms with a strong, fruity, citrusy scent. Petal count 60-65.
Grande Dame * Pink Large blooms have an intense old rose fragrance. Blooms profusely in spring. Petal count 25-40.
Hotel California Yellow Elegant buds on long stems open to clear-yellow blooms that are backed by glossy green foliage.
Petal count 30-35.
Legends * Red Huge blossoms of ruby-red hold their color well through the growing season. Petal count 25-30.
Memorial Day * Pink Large, clear pink blooms with a lavender wash are saturated with a classic old rose fragrance.
Excellent cut flower. Petal count 50 plus.
Mister Lincoln Red Fully double, high-centered blooms that are a rich dark red with a wonderful damask fragrance.
AARS 1965 Winner. Petal count 30-35.
Moonlight Romantica * ! Pale Yellow Gorgeous pale yellow, fully double blooms with a strong tea rose fragrance. Petal count 50.
Oklahoma Dusky Red Long, pointed buds open into huge, fully double 5″ blooms that are extremely fragrant with a sweet
old rose perfume. Petal count 30-35.
Painted Porcelain Pink/Cream The elegant blooms on this rose look like they have been hand painted in shades of pink and cream.
Petal count 25-30.
Peace Yellow/Pink Huge, opulent blooms in a delicious blend of pastel pink and yellow with a mild fruity fragrance.
AARS Winner 1946. Petal count 40-45
Perfume Factory Magenta Large, magenta-plum blooms that can reach up to 4″ across boast layers of soft petals and a strong
spicy-fruity scent. Petal count 40-50.
Pope John Paul II * White Produces large radiant white roses, with a delightful fresh citrus scent. Named for Pope John Paul II.
Petal count 45 plus.
Pretty Lady Rose * Rose ‘Downton Abbey’ Collection. The deep rose colored blooms have a sweet, spicy fragrance. The
perfect match to the character that this rose is named after. Petal count 45-65.
Princess Charlene de Monaco * ! Shell Pink Very fragrant fully double flowers that are a light apricot to shell pink in color. Petal count 25-40.
Rio Samba Yellow/Orange Bright, golden-yellow blooms that blush to orange. AARS Winner 1993. Petal count 20-25.
Sedona Coral Blend Blooms in shades of coral, orange and red that are reminiscent of the high desert sunset. Unique
pear fragrance. Petal count 25-30.
St. Patrick Gold Unusual green tint highlights the golden blooms. AARS 1996 Winner. Petal count 30-35.
Sugar Moon * White Classically formed pristine white blooms that exude an intense citrus and rose fragrance. The greenblack foliage makes the white blossoms stand out. A must have for the cutting garden. Petal count
30 plus.
Sweet Mademoiselle * ! Apricot/Peach A sweetly fragrant rose with unique coloring that varies according to the temperature, becoming
lighter in color in the heat and a deeper color in cooler temperatures. Petal count 35.
The McCartney Rose Rose The large, brightly colored blooms demand your attention while the sweet, spicy fragrance lures you
into the garden. Given to Sir Paul in honor of his 50th birthday. Petal count 20-25.
Veterans Honor Red Big, shapely buds unfurl into huge blossoms of true red color. Extra long stems make this an
excellent rose for cutting. Best flower size in cool spring weather. Petal count 25-30.

* – Patented Variety

! – Own Root Rose


Cultivar/Variety Name Color Description
Golden Sunblaze ! Golden Yellow A brillant display of golden yellow flowers that will hold their color in the heat. Petal count 25.
Mandarin Sunblaze * ! Orange Large, bright orange flowers for a miniature variety. Perfect for containers, borders and rock gardens.
Light, spicy fragrance. Petal count 25-30.
Midnight Fire * ! Orange/Purple Buds open to orange petals with a purple overlay that gives a smokey appearance. Exquisite
miniature blooms have 40-75 petals each.
Petite Knock Out * ! Red The first minature rose in the Knock Out series. It has the same flower power and easy care as the
other Knock Out varieties, but in an adorable, compact size! Great for containers. Petal count 10-15.
‘Pink Sunblaze’ * Pink Antique looking cupped blooms of medium pink to a silvery pink.
Rainbow Sunblaze * ! Yellow and Red Clusters of small yellow blooms that are flushed red at petal tips. Petal count 25-30.
Smoke Rings ! Orange Small, double blooms open in shades of coral and orange with a purple blush on the outer edge of
the petals. Eye-catching in a container. Petal count 18-24.

* – Patented Variety

! – Own Root Rose


Cultivar/Variety Name Color Description
Coral Knock Out * ! Coral Unique coral color holds up well in hot, humid climates. Blooms spring through fall. The new foliage
is tinted bronze-red and ages to green. Petal count 15-18.
Cream Veranda * ! Pale Apricot Beautiful romantic, fragrant, apricot flowers on a compact shrub. Ideal for use in containers or can be
used in landscapes where a low-growing, compact plant is desired. Petal count 40 plus.
Double Knock Out * ! Red Classically shaped, double red blooms on a compact growing bush. Petal count 18-24.
Lavender Veranda * ! Lavender Abundant lavender blooms and bright green foliage on a compact form, make this an excellent rose
for containers or small gardens. Petal count 26-40.
Pink Double Knock Out * ! Pink Bright pink blooms with a classic rose form. Compact growth habit. Petal count 18-24.
The Fairy ! Pink This Earth-Kind® Rose has clusters of small, double, pink flowers with a pleasing apple scented
fragrance. Very profuse bloom habit, repeats well. Petal count 20-25.

* – Patented Variety

! – Own Root Rose

Compliments of North Haven Gardens, 7700 Northaven Rd, Dallas, TX 75230, 214-363-5316

David Austin English Roses

These roses bring the romance and charm of the roses of years past to your garden. Their blooms are packed with layers of petals, appealing fragrances and soft coloring.

Climbing Roses

Many of our modern rose climbers originated from hybrid teas that have a tendency to grow unusually long canes. Climbers can grow to a
length of 18 to 20 feet and bloom as profusely as many hybrid teas. Unlike other types of roses, climbers are not pruned heavily each spring.
They should be selectively pruned after the first flush of blooms.

Florascape Roses

These hardy spreading roses quickly cover large areas creating a carpet of low maintenance color ideal for slopes and rocky areas. Great in
baskets for trailing color.

Floribunda Roses

This type of rose began as a cross between Polyantha and hybrid tea. The cross was such a success that an entire new call of rose was named.
These shrubs reach 2 ½ to 3 ½ feet in height, with dense branching. They are free blooming with small blooms in large clusters.

Grandiflora Roses

Queen Elizabeth, when it was introduced in 1955, was clearly an extraordinary rose. However, it did not fit any of the already existing
classifications. It was, therefore, given the distinction of naming a rose category for it. This type usually ranges from 4.5 feet upward with
long stems sometimes supporting several blooms, but slightly smaller than hybrid tea. Most Grandiflora shrubs support a heavy compliment
of blooms throughout the growing season and are an excellent source of flowers.

Hybrid Tea Roses

This is the best type for cut flowers since each stem has only one bloom. Bushes grow 3 ½ to 4 ½ feet tall and get bigger in ideal conditions.
The Hybrid Tea is the most popular type of rose sold in America.

Miniature Roses

These roses are small in stature but are prolific bloomers. They generally do not exceed 2 feet tall and bloom continuously with small
flowers. They are extremely low maintenance and are great for containers.

Shrub/Hedge Roses

These roses are easy-care, versatile and fragrant. They adapt well to many soils and temperatures. They have colorful hips throughout winter.

We recommend Espoma Rose-Tone organic fertilizer for all roses!


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