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Plant Shop & Nursery in Dallas, TX

Current Winter Hours:
Open Daily 9am-5pm

Sow Now, Reap Later

Grow Your Houseplant Collection

New Alocasia in the Tropical Greenhouse
These rare specialty specimens are great for collectors looking for something new!

New Gift Shop Goodies Are Arriving

Explore our retail store for stylish finds like decorative planters and more.

Bring Home Beautiful Spring Blooms

Blooming Daffodils, Tulips & more in 4″ pots are available in-store for $4.99.

Enjoy Handcrafted & Uniquely Melodic Wind Chimes

Our new Moksha wind chime collection from India & Bali is full of beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. Each is handmade with colorful glass beads, iron, and wood pieces.
How to Get Your Soil Ready
Download Your Guide of Planting Dates

These Are Excellent Choices for Edible Gardens

Stratco Raised Beds are lightweight, durable steel, and easy to assemble. They’re an ideal way to start a veggie or herb garden, and at 47 x 35 x 12″, they’re a great size to work with. No hard digging- just fill and plant.

Vigoroot Balcony Garden is a convenient growing system for small gardens, patios and balconies, allowing the maximum number of plants in a small space. Air-pruning fabric promotes a strong, healthy root system.

New Grow Lights & Kits for Seeding Indoors Are Here

Seed Starting Tray

Miracle LED Grow Lite

45w Grow Light Panel
Successful Seed Starting Tips

Time to Start Tomatoes by Seed

Plant seeds for veggies like tomatoes and cauliflower in January. Plus, cool season crops like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, greens, and more.
How to Grow Tomatoes
Why Vegetable Planting Dates Matter

Last Call to Plant Onions & Leeks!

Top right: Cipollini ‘Red Torpedo’. Bottom left: Cipollini ‘Borettana’.
The planting window is closing to grow leeks and onions! Don’t miss out on red, white, yellow and specialty onion varieties, as well as leeks, that are now available by the bunch. Your Onion Project List

Blackberries Arrive Later This Week

We are expecting ‘Apache’, ‘Quachita’, ‘Prime Ark 45’ and many more in February.

Brighten Your Space with Cool Season Color

Fresh color for winter arrives every week at NHG, such as the long-lasting shades of Pansies and Violas.


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