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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Roses And Yarrow

Did Your Plants Survive the Freeze?

As gardeners, we want to save what plants we can after a dramatic weather event. The Metroplex has recently been subjected to temperatures that many of us have never experienced before, and we will be dealing with the effects of this extended freeze for some time. Read our blog to learn about evaluating and recovering from cold-weather damage in the garden.
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Lovely Evergreen Shrubs Are in Full Bloom

Camellia japonica ‘Nuccio’s Cameo’ Camellia japonica ‘LaPeppermint’ Camellia japonica ‘Jacks’
Camellias offer flowers when hardly anything else is blooming. These are great foundation shrubs for a shady landscape. Watch our YouTube video to learn about Camellias and how-to care for them.
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Help Your Sprouts Grow

Teach children plant care basics with their own gardening tools. Find bright, colorful, kid-friendly kits in our new collection.

Bring Nature Along Everywhere You Go

Explore our new collection of adorable tote bags pillows, and colorful planters in our retail store.

Add More Magic To Indoor Plant Babies

Cute wooden trellises are perfect for your climbing plants and make a stylish accessory to any planter. Give small hoyas, philodendrons, pothos, and other trailing plants something to climb on!

Kick Off Spring With Us

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What Can We Plant Right Now?

Download Your Guide of Planting Dates
Why Vegetable Planting Dates MatterHow to Get Your Soil Ready

Tomatoes Have Arrived!

Our 1st shipment of 4-inch tomato transplants has arrived. Timing is everything in vegetable gardening, and in our north Texas climate, late February through March is the ideal window to plant this favorite crop.
Your Tomato Project List

Time to Plant Potatoes

Planting Potatoes
NHG’s Brieux Turner shares quick tips for growers. Need a step-by-step guide? Download yours today!
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Looking for Fresh Veggies & Herbs?

We are restocking cool season and early spring herbs & vegetables weekly. To verify availability before you shop, please call us at 214-363-5316.
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Now Available: NHG’s Spring Newsletter

Look for our seasonal print newsletter in-store! Pick up your complimentary copy during your next visit, or download the digital version.
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