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Natural vs. Artificial

The Very Best Premium Trees Grown In USA

burton blue christmas trees

There are many reasons to buy a fresh tree instead of an artificial tree.

  • One acre of fresh Christmas trees produces enough oxygen daily for the needs of 18 people. With nearly a half million acres of commercial trees in the U.S., that’s a lot of clean air being produced.
  • Christmas tree farms provide a significant amount of wildlife habitat; it takes seven to ten years for a Christmas tree to reach harvesting maturity, so there’s lots of time and space for allowing birds and other critters to thrive.
  • From a “Made-in-America” perspective, fresh Christmas tree farming deserves the same emotional support that most of us feel for our other local farmers. Over 85% of artificial Christmas trees are produced in Asia, whereas nearly the entire fresh tree industry is in the U.S.
  • Artificial trees are manufactured, and are made of mostly plastic and petroleum.
  • Without any way to be recycled, artificial trees are a landfill staple.
  • PVC and the manufacturing processes of PVC create dioxins which are some of the most toxic substances known.

The very best fresh cut Christmas trees

Source: Alive East Bay magazine, December 2007, “Christmas Trees: which is best, natural or artificial?”


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