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Come and visit North Haven Gardens, your destination for all your gardening needs in Dallas. As you step inside, you'll find a comprehensive selection of quality gardening equipment and a diverse plant nursery with a stunning array of indoor plants, outdoor plants, and a variety of fresh vegetables. Our expert garden coaches are dedicated to helping you turn your gardening dreams into reality. Plus, we now have delivery services available in Dallas (within our service area, call for details). Now you can ensure that your gardening essentials are conveniently brought to your doorstep. You can even sign up for a grow card membership to earn points and save on your purchases.

Here at North Haven Gardens, we take pride in offering a curated selection that caters to all levels of expertise. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, our friendly and professional staff is here to help. Visit our nursery in Dallas an experience the difference.

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Every Gardener Deserves these Luxurious Summer Blooms

Phlox-and-Lilies at North Haven Gardens

When you think of planting ‘bulbs,’ your mind probably jumps right to tulips and daffodils. Plant them in fall & winter to enjoy spring blossoms. Frequently, though, we include other plants in the bulb category, even if they’re technically tubers, corms, or crowns. Right now at NHG we have a beautiful selection of these ready to go right into your garden today–and they’ll shower you with blooms each summer for years to come.

Here are some highlights:

Perhaps the most popular addition to our selection this year are crowns of perennial standing Phlox, or Phlox paniculata. This sought-after perennial makes a tidy patch of tall, leafy stems adorned with ‘panicles’ of nectar-rich blooms that bees and butterflies swoon over. They’re richly-colored and once established, fairly heat and drought tolerant. Plant them where they’ll get at least 6 hours of full sun daily in amended garden soil that has plenty of organic matter.

Phlox and Perennial gardenWEB
Dramatic perennial Phlox makes a rich backdrop for Asiatic Lilies, Rudbeckia, Ageratum and other perennials.

Plus, with their gracefully tall stems, they make excellent backdrop perennials for layering in your perennial borders.

Lilies of all types provide true garden luxury. Whether Asiatic varieties (Lilium), Crinums, rain lilies (Zephyranthes), toad lilies (Tricyrtis) or another kind, there are lilies to suit any spot in the garden, sunny or shady. A favorite every year is Tiger lilies, which are truly easy to grow:

Tigrinum splendens WEB1649-1802 092
Tiger Lily, Lilium tigridium, is a classic summer favorite.

Grown from true bulbs, these lilies have very few demands other than at least 4-6 hours of sun daily. They’re even tolerant of wet soil, which is one reason they’re sometimes called ‘Ditch Lilies.’

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the classic favorite Gladiolus, grown from corms, (which resemble slightly flattened bulbs). These perennial favorites dazzle in summer with tall bayonets of foliage sporting dramatic spikes of ruffled blossoms. Available in a wide array of colors, Gladiolas prefer plenty of sun and amended garden soil with plenty of organic matter.

Fast RuffleWEB
Gladiolus ‘Fast Ruffle’ sports frilly pink/peach blooms splashed with lemon yellow.

For those gardening in shadier locations, consider a few of these more diminutive, but just as beautiful alternatives. Tricyrtis, or ‘Toad Lily’ as it’s commonly called, is a unique, rambling perennial for woodland, dappled-shade locations. The small, speckled flowers may not have the showy drama of the sun-lovers listed above, but it’s still a lily to remember:

Tricyrtis Toad LilyWEB
Toad Lilies offer uniquely speckled blooms for shady garden interest.

Find these and many other gorgeous summer bloomers right now at NHG. Both in bulk and in packages, you’ll find them easy and rewarding to grow–and the perfect way to add luxurious blooms to your garden this year and for years to come.

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