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Got Shade? Grab These!

Perennials that offer evergreen foliage, interesting flowers, and low-maintenance care are a rare gem–especially when they deliver all that in shady spots. Hellebores do just that. With a new collection arriving each fall, we’re highlighting some favorites:

The blossoms of ‘Ivory Prince’ begin a lovely cream color with a pink blush, maturing to soft green with a pink overall hue. It’s a hardy grower to 18″ x same, and one of our standby varieties each year.

Hellebore 'Ivory Prince.'
Hellebore ‘Ivory Prince.’ Photo courtesy Skagit Gardens.

‘Merlin’ blooms a rich rose pink with flower maturing to a deep burgundy/plum color. It’s slightly more compact, reaching up to 15″ x same.

Hellebore 'Merlin.'
Hellebore ‘Merlin.’ Photo courtesy Skagit Gardens.

‘Painted’ is part of the ‘Winter Jewels®‘ series. Developed by Ernie and Marietta O’Byrne of Northwest Garden Nursery in Eugene, Oregon, this series offers an array of seriously unique Hellebores in dazzlingly unique colors and patterns. ‘Painted’ presents bright white blooms splashed with burgundy flecks, creating a bright, focal bloom in shady spots.

Hellebore 'Painted.'
Hellebore ‘Painted.’ Photo courtesy Skagit Gardens.

These and other Hellebore varieties arrive through the cool season and thrive in full to partial shade (dappled sunlight, or bright, indirect light, is great). They appreciate a well-drained soil rich in organic matter, and do best when kept evenly, but lightly moist throughout the year–and they’ll thrive and return for years to come, offering an abundance of unique blooms during winter and early spring.

Read more on the blog of Riz Reyes about his trip to visit Northwest Garden Nursery. For more information and beautiful photos of other varieties in the series, see Northwest Garden Nursery’s site.

Read more about growing Hellebores and other varieties we’ve carried in last year’s post.

Keep an eye on NHG’s Facebook page during late fall through early spring to see when new hellebore shipments have arrived.









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