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What is the difference between a Meyer & Eureka Lemon?

Both Meyer Lemons and Eureka Lemons are in stock now! Plant in one our large, colorful pots and place outside in an area that receives a good 6 hours of direct sunlight. Protection from the aftrnoon sun is best. Feed spring and fall with NHG Organic Herb & Veggie Food. In winter, bring indoors and place in a bright window until spring.

All citrus attracts bees and butterflies to the garden. Plus, their blooms smell so sweet! Oranges, limes, and grapefruit also in stock.

Eureka Lemons are the lemons you might find in your local grocery store. They have a more tart flavor, bright yellow color, and are oval in shape. The plants reach roughly 10'-12' in height and have a wider growth habit.

Meyer Lemons are much sweeter than the Eureka variety. They have a slight orange tone to instead of a pure lemon, a thinner skin, and a bit smaller. The plant grows to a more compact 8'-10'.

Photo credit Former Chef (make lemonade!)
Meyer Lemon is on the left. Eureka Lemon is on the right.


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