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Love to Cook? Plant Fall Saffron Crocus!


Here at NHG, we know you love pretty blooms that are easy to plant, easy to maintain and perform double duty — beautiful AND edible! One of our favorites is Saffron Crocus. It's a  drought tolerant, hardy perennial that blooms in fall.  Plant the bulbs in clusters about 3"-4" deep in sunny to partially sunny spots in your garden. The stamen of the Saffron Crocus is the spice that is used in paella and other Spanish and Indian dishes. Each bloom provides 3 saffron threads. Plant now through winter. Fertilize at planting time with NHG Organic Bulb Food.


There is also a spring blooming crocus. Unfortunately, it does not provide the same delicate, sought-after spice, saffron. However, it is an equally lovely drought tolerant, easy-maintenance bloom for your garden.

Spring Crocus:
Beloved by children for being just the right size to pick, spring blooming Crocus bloom in late winter and earliest spring. They provide bright, cheerful blooms in yellow, white, purple and pinstriped. Planted in drifts and masses, they’ll get you through the winter doldrums and into spring with style. Adorable planted directly into your turf. Just like the Saffron Crocus, plant 3” to 4” deep.



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