Fall Tomatoes!

For best success, plant by early July!

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Plant in containers, raised beds or in the garden. Add expanded shale, compost, Soil Menders Garden Soil Builder, composted cow or chicken manure, and other soil amendments to enrich the soil to grow delicious vegetables.


See our Events page for classes on growing veggies.


Not all varieties on this list are in stock
as inventory changes daily.

We suggest coming in sooner rather than later when you are seeking specific favorite varieties.

        4" Transplants

        'Yellow Pear'

        'Cherokee Purple'


        'Super Fantastic'

        'Sun Sugar'

        'Super Sweet 100'

        'Black Cherry'

        'Indigo Rose'

        'Valley Girl'

        'Red Grape'
        'Solar Fire'

        Quart Size

        'Black Brandywine'

        'Sun Gold Select II



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